Auto Hyperlink In Outlook Email Words or Phrases: How to Add It?

If you often end up with the need to add hyperlink in Outlook email messages for specific words, then it is better to add auto-link to that keyword. In this segment, we will have a discussion on how to add hyperlink to Outlook email words using the Auto-Correct feature.
Step1) Create a new message in Outlook (the shortcut is CTRL+N)
Step2) Press CTRL+K (This is shortcut to open ‘Insert Hyperlink’ dialog box). In the ‘Text to Display:’ box, type the word or phrase for which you wish to create hyperlink. For example: “Real Word of Outlook and PST”. In the text box for ‘Address’, enter the URL of where you wish to take the reader to through hyperlink in email. Click OK.
Following step #1 and step #2, you can add hyper link to the mail for specific phrase or word. Now, if you wish that whenever this phrase is added, the same hyper-link is generated by Outlook automatically, follow the steps mentioned below in continuation with step1 and step2.
Step3) Now select the hyper-link that that is being created (make sure the trailing space is avoided). Now, open the Auto-correct option:
For Outlook 2003:
Tools >> AutoCorrect Options
For Outlook 2007:
Office button (at the top left of the screen)>> Editor Options (bottom-left)>> Proofing >>button >> AutoCorrect Options
For Outlook 2010/2013:
File>> Options>> Mail>> Spelling and Autocorrect>> AutoCorrect Options 
Step4) In the ‘Replace Text as you Type’ section, ensure that “Formatted text” is enabled otherwise hyperlink would be lost. Under the ‘Replace’ section, define word or phrase with which the hyperlink should be replaced.
For example: Here, every time I will enter ‘Outlook Solutions’, a hyperlink to the defined link on phrase ‘Real world of Outlook and PST’ will be created. 
Step5) Click on “Add” button and click OK to exit the wizard.
First of all, note that automatic hyperlinks will not work while replying to plain text emails.
If this is not the reason for your problem, then check out “Auto-Format” settings. Follow step 3 and this time, click on auto-format tab instead of auto-correct. Enable “Internet and network paths with hyperlinks” and “Plain text e-mail documents” option.

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