Outlook Sends Multiple Copies of Same Email: How to Tackle It?

Some of my clients complain that they receive multiple copies of emails that I send to them. This creates duplicate emails in their Outlook inbox which is quite disturbing for me. However, it does not happen every time I send a mail with attachments but generally 8-9 copies of a message are sent to them from my end.

How can I solve the problem of Outlook sending emails more than once and stay assured that my client’s inbox do not get piled up with duplicate emails?

If you are one amongst those who are troubled that Outlook sends multiple copies of same email, then here we are going to talk about some of the solutions that might help you out! Basically, this problem is connected to virus integration with Outlook or when send/receive cycle is disturbed due to short Server timeouts.

Anti-Virus For Outlook: Yes or No?

Over the time, it has been noticed that anti-virus programs have negative effect on Outlook performance rather than doing anything good to it. Meanwhile, it is important to know that MS Outlook has built-in filters to detect spam or virus threats with emails and so there is no need as such to integrate virus scanners with the application. It would end up with more problems indeed. So, it is better to uninstall anti-virus integration with Outlook.

Short Send/Receive Interval for Emails? 

When your recipients complain about Outlook email received multiple times, the other reason could be short time period set to send and receive messages (generally less than 5 minutes). When a mail is sent, there is a time-interval taken by the email to get uploaded on mail Server and possibility is that a new send/receive cycle gets started before the previous one ends. This will generate a backlog for the send/receive cycle which has to be successfully processed.

In some of the bad scenarios, the message get stuck in outbox and gets continuously resubmitted for sending. This creates duplicate emails in Outlook inbox of the receiver when the sending is completed.

By default, the send/receive cycle is processed every 30 minutes but this value can be changed. Set the value for “Schedule an automatic send/receive every” at-least 5 minutes. If there are multiple accounts in Outlook, then it should not be lower than 10 minutes. To change send/receive interval:

Outlook 2007:

In “Tools” menu, move down to “Options”.

Click on “Mail Setup” tab and “Send/Receive”

Outlook 2010/Outlook 2013

In the “File” menu, move to “Options”

Click on “Advanced” and the “Send/Receive”


Outlook Server Timeout Setting

When Outlook is configured with POP3 or IMAP, they work according to Server timeout. The main role of Server timeout is to instruct Outlook when a connection should be considered “lost” when there is no response from the Server. By default, this time is 1 minute and it should be at-least 5 minutes. Such scenarios also results in Outlook message stuck in outbox issues when attachment or overall message size is large.


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