10 Weirdest Phobias that Unbelievingly, Do Exist!

Fear of heights, fear of insects, fear of being closed in confined space, fear of road travel! You might have heard or experienced any of these common phobias until now, but little did you know that the list of phobias is long and insane too. Yes, amongst the hundreds of phobias that actually exist, there are some that will leave you dumbstruck!

  • Androphobia: Fear of Men

Do you avoid men? Do you have an unusual fear while talking to them? Do you find it impossible to build a relationship with men? If yes, then you might be Androphobiac!

Although this might sound wacky to a normal person, but this kind of phobia might evolve due to any traumatic event in the past, involving men or it could be genetic, or merely a brain chemistry that makes you feel panic and feel queasy when interacting with men.

  • Anuptaphobia: Fear of Staying Single

Never single and always ready to mingle! If this is your situation, then probably you are Anuptaphobiac! Those multiple dating profiles, falling in love very often, or staying in a bad relation are some of the signs of anuptaphobia.

  • Caligynephobia: Fear of Beautiful Women

WTF! Now how could someone have fear of a beautiful women? That anxiety, nervousness is obviously a natural reaction on seeing a beauty that is worth admiring, but how this could develop as a phobia in someone?

There could be many reasons; maybe there is a mindset of not being appealing to a beautiful women which makes a person nervous, or probably there is a traumatic event associated (a failed relationship, childhood abuse etc.)

  • Euphobia: Fear of Hearing Good News

Who doesn’t love to hear good news? Possibly, only pessimists suffer from this phobia because of a negative attitude towards life. The inability to share someone’ happiness or enjoy one’s own happiness makes an individual a sufferer of euphobia.

  • Geliophobia: Fear of Laughter

Now this sounds unconventional! Isn’t? How can somebody have a fear of laughter? It is something that comes naturally and of course is uncontrollable for some!

But at times if this natural phenomenon has resulted into unexpected consequences like embarrassment, humiliation due to laughing at the wrong place or situation, it could make a person Geliophobic!

  • Logophobia: Fear of Words

That irrational fear of words! Generally originates from the childhood, this fear develops at the phase where there is demand to learn new words. Some might grasp them well while some may find themselves stuck in the web. And this fear ultimately evolves, affecting interpersonal skills.

  • Chrometophobia : Fear of Money

Do you find it difficult to deal with money while doing daily shopping, while travelling, while making decisions involving money? If yes, then you might be a victim of Chrometophobia! This might be because you are afraid of corrupting the power of money or have made financial decisions that were a failure.

  • Eleutherophobia: Fear of freedom

While we remain fighting for freedom, there ae some who are actually fears it. And you will be surprised to acknowledge the fact that people with this phobia experience slavery beyond a limit that they now fear freedom. The signs of being eleutherophobic includes sense of servitude, social anxiety, suspicion of others etc.

  • Cherophobia: Fear of being Happy

You laughed out louder and then become quite because you have the fear of confronting a situation that might leave you sadden. You are in Cherophobic group!

  • Telephonophobia- Fear of telephones

These people have no problem having face to face conversation but on call, it is next to impossible. Can you imagine someone having such fear when most of the conversation happens over phone!

I suffer from this one when I am accidently asked to have conversation with relatives. Mom, you make me telephonophobiac sometimes! 😉



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