Tips to Clean Gel Eyeliner Brush and Prevent its Hardening!

The gel liners are a great hit amongst girls for the reason that they have actually brought them out of the daily struggle to create winged eyes. They are easy to wear! They last long! They are smudge-proof! And the best part about the gel liners is they are accompanied with fine tip brushes that makes lining more precise.

But after using the brush to create drama eyes for 2-3 times, you must have noticed that the liner brush starts hardening and for a better stroke, you need to clean it. So here we are with some simple tips that will help you to clean gel eyeliner brush and prevent it from hardening.

TIP #1

The very obvious and simple suggestion is to use make up remover. You can easily find a good make up remover in the market. Just dip you brush into it and the product stick to the brush will get removed. So next time when you will use the brush, it will give the nice, smooth stroke to create the perfect winged eyes.


TIP #2

Another option that will let you do eyes makeup with eyeliner brush is to by using a baby shampoo. Because it is mild in nature, a baby shampoo will prevent your brush bristles from hardening and will keep them fine tip for your cat eye. Just take some shampoo in your palm and rub the brush bristles gently into it until it forms the lather.


Try out these simple tricks and you can save your liner brush from hardening. If you have more options to clean the eyeliner brush, share it with us through the comment box 🙂

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