Facebook Gives Good Grounds for Expecting No Fake Accounts: Feature Put Through its Paces!

Facebook is known to remain in the proactive mode when comes to conducting research, implementing new features, and testing its effect on its users. This time, the social media giant is working on a feature to fling aside a source of harassment on its platform which is account impersonation.

Fake accounts on the social network has distressed many so far. Although, the users have the option of Facebook impersonation report, but this generally happens when the impersonator starts doing the harm and later the account holder gets to know about it. For immediate action in this concern, the online social networking service provider is now working on a feature that will pass an alert to the user if somebody tries to impersonate his/her account, by using the user name and profile picture (for which the Facebook might use its own face recognition feature).

The Execution Scheme!

The user will be prompted about the impersonation possibility through notification where he will be enquired about the suspected account. And if the profile is flagged as impersonation, Facebook team will take the charge of manually reviewing it. The testing of this feature to stop fake account on Facebook has been under stringent testing and is being live in some parts of the world.

Although, impersonation is not a widespread problem on Facebook, but it has been one of the cyberbullying modes used against women. And honestly, the social network giant has always stood for immediate action against it. With successful implementation of this feature, the security will be one step ahead.

Some Other Safety Features:

Another major issues that Facebook is trying to tackle is non-consensual distribution of intimate images. Although, sharing of non-consensual images have been banned on Facebook since 2012 but the feature is meant to mark an alert to the abuse victim. Under the testing session, not only does the user will be able to report nudity, they will be provided with an additional option to identify themselves as the subject of the photo.

Facebook already has fine privacy controls that makes user account and their information safe. Testing and introduction of these quality features to control profile impersonation and non-consensual image distribution will give them streets ahead in security quality.


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