The Move from Being Introvert to Extrovert: How Important It Is?


We all have something new to learn every day. So far, I have versed myself with some definitions of the very popular word “Introvert” that is frequently used to portray people who are quietly fabulous.


Well, my definition might differ those in standard/local Oxford or Thesaurus that defines them to be narcissist, self-centered, autist, or very commonly, anti-social. Now, because we live in the world that idolizes the extrovert demeanor, it is common for the introverts to try adopting the qualities that could help them fit into the space that in fact, is unfit for them.


However, between all this, it is extremely important to understand where actually the change is needed and why. If the room has to be repainted, you have to decide first, with which color? Unless you are clear with what has to be changed, moving ahead can baffle you, leaving you nowhere.

Dear Introverts,

You reserve your thoughts from the world, but you can talk to yourself! Find some time and treasure trove yourself. And thereafter, just be honest to yourself. We all are born with unique abilities and of course, some flaws (which is absolutely okay). Also, when you do self-introspection, make sure that the flaws that you discover are actual, and not just those figured out by the extrovert norm.


Feel confident and accept yourself in a way you are! People may call you boring or non-participant, but the other way around, you are a good listener and a silent observer. You might be a special edition who has a caliber that others are unable to perceive.

Bring a change in you because you need to, not because others want to. And yes, the ending delight for my introvert friends is, we are not minority statically. We are just energy preserver who prefer to avoid limelight and at the same time are confident enough to call for no company to share thoughts.


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