Add Attachment to Email in iPhone: A Quick Tip!

An attachment is the heart of an email. Generally, if you compose an email, the paper click button within the window allows attaching files to the email. But, composing a mail with attachment in iPhone Mail app is not that straightforward, at least for an iPhone newbie. So, here is a quick look at how to attach files in an email, sent through the Mail app.

Adding an Email Attachment through Mail App

1. Compose a new message in your iPhone. In the message inline, tap and hold on the empty area. A menu will get opened, and you can tap the arrow until the “Add Attachment” option appears.

add attachment
2. When you choose the the Add Attachment option, it will take you to the iCloud Drive where your photos, documents, and related data is saved. Select the file that you want to attach and you are done.

select file from icloud drive

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So, that was a simple trick for iOS newbies to attach files in iPhone Mail app. Hope you got it right and able to implement it well.

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