How to Hide Photos and Videos in iPhone

Like our life secrets and future plans, we prefer to keep our smartphone data private. You never know, when the little one in the house asks for the phone to play the game. Or somebody just randomly asks for a favor to make a call or takes the phone to check out the previous party pictures.

Yes, we know you cannot say NO, but you do not want to say YES either. The smartphones do have some stuff (like private photos/videos, pictures with a secret friend) that you do not want anyone else to come across. If you are an iPhone user and secretly wish to have a photo and video hiding solution, then the App Store has Hide It Pro for you, and that too, absolutely free. So let’s see how this app works to hide personal photos and videos in iPhone, without letting anyone know about it.

How to Hide your Private Pictures on iOS

Hide It Pro is a photo and video hiding app to save your personal stuff from the iPhone library, camera, or iTunes from the snooping eyes. The app is available free, with few in-app purchases that can be availed, if required. It lets you hide the pictures with a lock code and enables creating multiple albums to hide photos in a sorted way. Here is how you can get started with it, along with the features that the app renders to make photo hiding simple.

How to Create Album and Hide Photos:

1. Launch the app in the iPhone and unlock it with the passcode. You will come across a screen similar to the one show below:

hide it pro menu

2. Tap on the Photos icon. Now, at the top-right of the screen, you will see a “+” icon. Tap on it to create a new album. In the text box, give a name to the album.

create new album

3. Now, tap on the album that you created and again tap on the “+” icon at the top-right of the screen to start adding photos to it.

select photos to hife

4. You can add files from Gallery Photos, Camera, or iTunes. Tap to select the source for importing photos. Select the photos and add them.

import photos to hide

5. The app will ask for your permission to delete the photos from the source (i.e. from the iPhone or device connected through iTunes). You can either choose to delete the photos from source and tap “Delete” or if you wish to retain the photos at the source or delete them manually, you can choose “Don’t Allow”.

permissions to delete photos from gallery

And that’s it. A new album with all secret photos is added to the app. Just enter the code that you only know to unlock the albums and it is exactly what you wanted.

save personal photos and videos

Using the Escape Lock Code in the App:

There are times when somebody can figure out that you are hiding some private stuff in the vault. To escape such situations, the Hide it Pro app offers an Escape Lock Code. If this code is entered instead of the actual unlocking code, the vault will appear empty.

To set an escape lock code, tap on Settings in the main menu. Under the Lock Settings, tap on the Escape Lock Code option and enter a passcode. Click Done.

escape code


Note: The app stores the videos and photos on your device only. Therefore, if you delete the app, the data saved in it will also get deleted. So make sure that you unhide photos first, if at any time you wish to delete the app.

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Liked this Simple way to Hide Photos and Videos on iOS?

Hide it pro is an option for those who need a simple way to hide photos and videos and never get caught. However, there are few other options that you can check out in the App Store like Keep Safe, Tic Tac Toe, Photo Vault etc. Try this out and let us know how they help to keep nagging friends and family members away from your private stuff in iPhone.

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