How to Move Android Contacts to iPhone

If you have recently switched from an Android smartphone to an iPhone, the very first thing you must be willing to know is how can I move my contacts to the new phone? Reason being, contacts is the basic necessity to stay in touch and communication of any kind (phone calls, chatting, emailing) is impossible without them.

In the previous blog, we shared a way to transfer Android data into iPhone. And today, it’s the turn to learn the same for contacts.

When it comes to moving contacts, most of you must have been suggested to sync your Google account with the new phone. But that’s not a foolproof solution. Not all of your contacts gets synced with Google contacts, as a result of which you get the contacts transferred partially!

So, here we are with a simple trick, that will let you move all your contacts from Android into iPhone, and you don’t have to work hard for it. All you need to do is follow these three steps:

  1. Export all contacts from Android to vCard (VCF file)
  2. Import VCF into Google contacts
  3. Sync iPhone with Google account

Import Contacts from Android to iPhone

Step #1: Export all contacts from Android to vCard

On your Android phone, open the contacts list. On the bottom-left corner of the phone, tap the menu button [=].

Tap “Manage Contacts

manage contacts

Tap “Import/Export” and choose “Export to SD Card

export contacts to vcf

Now, select the contacts that you wish to export to vCard and tap “Export”.

select contacts to export

You will get a message that while moving the contacts to vCard, some of the fields might get lost. Tap “Yes” to continue.

confirm export

Give a name to the VCF file and tap “OK”. All contacts from Android phone will be moved to VCF.

name vcf file and save contacts to vCard

Once the VCF file for Android contacts is created, you can find it by navigating to “File Manager“>>”SD Card“, and your VCF file will be there.

vcf file

Step #2: Import vCard into Google Contacts

In this step, you need to have:

  • A Google account. Create it, if you don’t have one.
  • Move the VCF file from Android to PC. For this, you can use some file sharing apps like SHAREit or you can simply use any USB data cable.

Now, login to Google Contacts in the browser. You will be welcomed with Google Contacts Preview screen. From the navigation bar in the left side of the screen, expand “More” and choose “Import”.

contacts preview

On the pop-up named “Import contacts from other accounts”, choose “CSV or vCard file”.

import contacts from other accounts

The preview version of Google Contacts does not support importing. Thus, tap “Go to old contacts” to proceed.

go to old contacts

Tap “Import Contacts…

import contacts

Now, choose the VCF file from which the contacts have to be imported. Tap “Import” to start importing the VCF contacts.

select csv

Step#3: Sync iPhone with Google Account

To add a Google account in your iPhone and sync its data, follow the steps shared below:

Tap “Settings”>>”Mail, Contacts, Calendars


Tap “Add Account

add account

Tap “Google” and then add the Google account. Once you are done with this, all contacts will get automatically synced in some time and you will have your Android contacts in iPhone.

add google account

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What else you need to do?

The contacts in your Android smartphone might be saved in phone and sim. With the process shared above, you transferred all phone contacts to iPhone. Now those saved in sim can be imported to iPhone with the idea shared below:

Insert the sim into iPhone that you were using in Android. In the “Settings” menu, tap “Mail, Contacts, calendars” and then tap the link “Import SIM Contacts”.

import sim contacts

You will be presented with two options to import your SIM contacts to: Gmail or iPhone. Tap “On My iPhone”.

import on iphone

Ready to Move Android Contacts to iPhone?

With three simple steps shared above, exporting contacts list from any Android phone to iPhone is possible. The idea is free and will ensure that all contacts are exported seamlessly. For any queries or successful export, do let us know in the comment box.


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