How to Move Android Photos, Videos, Music and Other Files to iPhone

Android and iOS are two unbeatable names of the smartphone industry. All thanks to the wide range of features, excellent user experience, decent cameras, attractive designs, and the opportunity to stay mobile, 24×7!

While Android covers an extensive group of users with its ease at operability, flexibility at price, and a scope to stay experimental (being an open-source), iPhone brings the edge with security, fascinating design, and a user experience that is worth having an inclination for.

So, for any reason, if you have switched from Android to iOS platform, one question that might be asking every friend, or probably Google must be, how can I transfer my Android data into iPhone? Those photos and videos in Gallery, the songs, and documents that you cannot live without, can be moved from Android to iPhone and that too, absolutely free.

Want to Move Android Data to iPhone? Here is the Way!

Transferring photos, videos, and all of your favorite stuff from Android to iPhone can be made possible with file sharing apps like SHAREit. This app by SHAREit(众联极享) Technologies Co. LTD is known for its qualitative file sharing ability over multiple Operating Systems. The app is available on App Store (iOS users), Play Store (Android users), Windows Phone Store (Windows phone users), and for Windows PC. SHAREit transfers data by creating a common network for both the devices and thus you do not need Wi-Fi or mobile data to connect.

So basically, what you can do with this app is, transfer data from PC to Phones, Phones to Phones, or Phones to PC that runs on Windows, Android, and iOS Operating Systems. Without a do, let’s get started with how to use this app for transferring data from Android to iPhone.

1. Download SHAREit for Android and iPhone.

2. Now on your Android phone, launch the app. On the welcome screen, tap “SEND” button.

send android data through shareit

3. On the “Select Files” screen, you will have a menu bar with options like Files, Videos, Apps, Photos, and Music. Tap the relevant option, considering the type of data to be transferred to iPhone. Let’s say Photos.

select files-menu bar

4. You can either see individual photos on screen or check out the albums (whatever is your preference).

photos in shareit

So, there is an album in my Android phone named “celebration” with 10 photos. To move them, I have to select the photos first. For this, tap the photos individually and you will see that as you select them, a right mark will be added to the photo. Tap “Send” to continue.

select photos

5. Tap “Connect to iOS/WP” (This means you wish to connect to an iOS device or a Windows Phone).

connect to ios

6. The app will then confirm if the receiver of the data in an iOS or Windows Phone. Tap “Continue” to approve.

confirm connection

7. A pop up with a set of instructions will appear on screen. The steps shared as instructions has to be performed on the iOS device:

instructions to follow

  • Enter System Settings and join the network below:

select network

  • Return to SHAREit, and tap ‘receive’

receive photos on iphone

Once you do this, all photos will be sent to the iOS device. On the iOS device, navigate to “Photos” and under the albums section, you will find an album named “SHAREit” that will have all transferred photos.

photos received from android to iphone

photos sent to iphone

You can follow similar steps to move music files, documents, and videos from your old Android phone to new iPhone. 

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Ready for Seamless Data Migration from Android to iOS?

SHAREit is a free app by a renowned brand for file transfer between cross platforms. The app does not call for Wi-Fi or mobile data to move data between mobile phones or PC which is appreciable. Also, the speed of data transfer with the app is 20 times faster than that of a Bluetooth. So, if you aim at moving your data from any of the Android device to iPhone, SHAREit could be your perfect partner. Try this mode to move data and let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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