Cool, Warm, Neutral: What’s Your Skin Undertone?

Ever wondered that a lipstick shade looks so perfect on your friend, but it seems a blunder when you try it. Not just the lipstick, may be, it could have happened with any makeup product like eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, or simply, with an outfit. And what makes you put on the thinking caps is the similar skin tone of you and your friend. Right?

Actually, the culprit behind things going wrong is the product/color selection against your skin’s undertone. No matter what kind of skin tone you have, milky or chocolaty, it’s the skin undertone that decides what makes you look lively or dull. Your skin’s undertone is your complexation underneath your skin.

Why it is important to figure out your undertone color?

If you know what your undertone is, it will help you to choose the right cosmetic, clothing, and jewelry for you. Determining the undertone can actually do a lot to your appearance and let you avoid colors that makes you look worn out.

Skin’s undertone can be classified as Cool, Warm, or Neutral. So, how will you determine, in which category do you fall into? It’s easy to find out the skin undertone with some tricks and here we are sharing a few of them.


Your skin tone changes with time or with type of environment it is exposed to, but the undertone remains the same, throughout your life.

This is how you can take skin undertone color test

Vein Test: Go in the natural light and have a look at your wrist. If the veins appear greenish, it means you have warm undertone. If the veins appear bluish, then you have cool undertone. And if you have both green and blue color veins, it means you have a neutral undertone.

Ponytail Test: Collect all your hair and tie them in a ponytail. You can also use a headband to pull the hair back. Now, cleanse your face and wrap a white towel around the neck. If the face look more yellow, it indicates warm undertone and if it looks bluish, it means you have cool undertone.

Silver/Gold Test: If gold jewelry enhances your look better, than the silver jewelry, it means you have warm undertone. If solver looks good on you, it indicates you have cool undertone.

Eyes and Hair Color: If you have green, blue, or grey eyes with blond, with brown or black hair, this is an indication that you have a warm undertone. Similarly, if you have black, brown, or hazel eyes with red, blond, brown, or black hair, then you have a cool undertone. However, this particular rule will not let you know if you have a neutral undertone.

What colors are made for you?

Cool Undertone: Go for rich colors. For example: black, navy blue, raspberry, pink, emerald green etc. If you like lighter shades, then prefer Icey tones instead of pastels. Some lively colors like orange, gold should be avoided.

Warm Undertone: Colors that relate to the earth are meant for you. Green, bronze, gold are the colors that will enhance your look. In case you want to go for some softer color, you have peach, apricot, and similar colors in the bag.

Neutral Undertone: Hey, you have hit the jackpot. You can choose any color and sparkle. However, make sure that you avoid colors that does not go well with the skin tone, otherwise it might leave you look ashen.

Although, there are a lot of ways to find out the skin undertone, but the best and the most relevant one is the vein test. Go out in light, check the veins color, and you will get to know the undertone. Hope these tips to test skin undertone now helps you to pick the right color for you, be it in makeup, clothes, or jewelry.

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