How To Transfer Large Files Over Internet

Email is one of the finest ways to transfer files over internet. Be it a document, a video, or a photo, sharing it with anyone is easy as one-two-three. But, you might have realized the drawback of this file sharing medium at the time when you could not attach a file, which is more than 10MB in size.

Yes, most of the web based and desktop mail clients allow attaching a file of 10MB or less size. So, when you cannot send large files through email, the solution is to go for numerous free websites that allow transferring files of large size. Here, we bring to you some of the finest and free file transfer platforms. Let’s get started.


Whether you want to transfer a video via mail, or a large PDF document with multiple pages, Filemail will help you out. With this online file transfer service, you can send a file of up to 30GB size to any number of email addresses. You can add multiple files or add folders for transfer, click on the send button, and get going.



If you want to share 10GB file free, the TeraShare is your partner. Actually, this platform offers file transfer, without any limit. However, if the file size is more than 10GB, then the file will not be uploaded on the TeraShare server. In this case, the receiver can only receive the file when the sender has his computer switched on.


pCloud Transfer

If you have files of up to 5GB and need to transfer them via email, then this popular service is the best for you. You can add files to share, add multiple recipients at a time, and share file of up to 5GB size, absolutely free.

pcloud transfer


This is one of the popular services being used for sharing big files online. If you are using the free version of We Transfer, it will allow sharing file of up to 2GB size. Absolutely simple, safe, and quick file transfer medium.

we transfer

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So next time if you have the question as how do I send large documents by email, go for any of these reliable online services that will transfer files in fractions of time (depending upon the size of file). If you use any of the free service, which you think could compete any of these above, especially Filemail, then do let us know about it in the comments below.


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