Google Search Hacks To Simplify Your Life

Google is a huge space and there is a lot more to do here, except for doing search and finding answer to various questions. In our recent blog, we discussed some tricks to make Google search a simplified experience and today we will check out how Google search can answer your daily issues with a tap.

Flip a Coin

A toss has to be done but there is no coin. Don’t worry. Just open Google and type “Flip a Coin” in the search text box. Tap on ‘Flip It…’ and the search engine will flip the coin for you. There it is, your result.

flip a coin

Time of a City

Want to make a call to a friend/relative in a different city, state, or country? But want to know the time there, so that your call do not cause disturbance. Open Google and type “Time City Name” and you are done.

check city time

IP Address

Want to know your public IP address? Visit Google and type “IP Address” in the search text box. You will get the answer.

IP Address


Although, there are a number of offline dictionaries available in smartphones today, but if you don’t have one, you can ask Google to define a word for you. All that you have to do is type “Define Word” and you will see the meaning of word defined properly.

define a word

Sunrise/Sunset Time

At what time the sun rose in a city and will set down can be checked out through Google search. Type “Sunrise Sunset City” and the timings will be there on the screen.

sunrise sunset

Do Calculation

Have a complicated calculation to do but do not have calculator. Ask Google to do the favour. Just type the calculation to be done and the search engine giant will respond with the result, along with a calculator to do further calculation.


Favourite Author/Singer

There is a famous song from your favourite singer but you are not able to recall it. What you can do it in the moment is type “Music Singer Name” in the Google search box and a list of all famous songs by the singer will be displayed on screen. Simple, Isn’t?

music by the singer

Similarly, you can have a list of all the books that have been written by your favourite author. For this, type “Books Author Name” and a list of all the authors will be right there on your screen.

books by favorite author


Listening to a song that have some lyrics from foreign language? Well, if you don’t get them, ask Google to translate them. Enter “Translate Words to Language” and get those words translated right.

google translate


If you wish to set a timer for next few seconds, minutes, or hours. You can either use the timer or the stopwatch, as needed. Of course, this feature is available in every phone now a days, but just in case you cannot spot it quickly, you can use Google.

set timer


Have holiday plans? Check out how the weather would be when you reach there. In the Google search text box, type “Weather in City” and the details will be there on the screen.

check weather

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These are some hacks that one can use in day-to-day life to solve small problems. Google is not only a solution to your typical problems but also serves a solution to daily needs. Try them out, use the, and let us know if you know more hacks like these in the comments below.

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