How To Use Gmail Undo Send Feature In Desktop and Mobile App

To make mistake is human. But if you correct a mistake, you can save it from being a blunder!

At our personal and professional end, we do mistakes while sending emails. Don’t we? Entering the wrong email ID, addressing the mail to a wrong person, sending email at wrong time etc. And at all these circumstances, we always wish to have a button to unsend the email.

While many of you must be acknowledged with the Undo Send feature of Gmail, many of you reading this might not have any idea about it. So here, we have got a quick guide to use the Undo Send feature of Gmail on desktop and in the mobile app.

How to Unsend an Email in Gmail: On Desktop

The option to delay sending of an email was introduced by Google in the year 2009. Initially, users were allowed to delay email sending by 5 seconds, which eventually got increased to 10, 20, and 30 seconds.

By default, the feature to Undo Send is not activated in a Gmail account on desktop. There is a simple update that has to be done in the ‘Settings’ to make the most out of this facility. Here is how you can get started with the option to stop email from sending.

Login to the Gmail account on desktop. On the top-right of the screen, click on the gear button and move down to Settings.

gmail settings

Under the General tab, you will find the Undo Send option (which is deactivated by default).

undo send feature is disabled by default

Enable the check box for Undo Send and then use the drop down menu to select the time period for which email sending should be delayed, for using the Undo Send feature.

choose cancellation period

TIP: Once you are done with the settings, don’t forget to “Save Changes” by using the button at the bottom of the page.

Now, when you compose an email and send it, there will an option to Undo it, like the one showed in the image below.

undo send in gmail

And when the time to delay the email sending is expired, the option to Undo will disappear and you will be notified about the message being sent.

undo send time expired

How to Unsend an Email in Gmail: On iOS

After user acceptance and success of the Undo Send feature in Gmail, Google came out with the same facility for mobile users too. For the Gmail app in iPhone, the internet giant rolled out the feature to delay email sending by 5 seconds. This means, the response time for mobile users is quite low and thus they have to be very quick to react.

If an updated version of Gmail app is used on iOS devices, the Undo Send option will be activated by default. Once you compose an email and send it, the Undo option will be available at the bottom-right of the phone screen for 5 seconds.

gmail undo send feature in iphone

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Ready to Make the Most out of Undo Send Feature?

Small mistakes can sometimes let you pay a high cost. Just imagine the consequence of sending company’s confidential information to a wrong person, mistakenly. To avoid such blunder while emailing, Google has offered this very helpful Undo Send feature to the users of its email client: Gmail. While it could actually prove to be beneficial for desktop users (as the delay time is up to 30 seconds), the mobile users are supposed to make a really quick response (as the delay time is only 5 seconds). However, we can expect Google to bring the same flexibility for mobile users too, in the time to come so that the best utilization is made possible for both desktop and app users.

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