7 Ways To Make Google Search Smarter and Time Saver

Assume, you are a librarian. Not just a normal one, but the librarian for every book happens to exist in the world. Daily, millions of people visit you to have the book that they need and you perform the hectic job of serving them with the book that they want. Of course, there must be a database maintained to keep a record of every book and its contents. And on day-to-day basis, you must prefer using some tricks to extract the right data from the database. Don’t you?

Search engines like Google is also a database where detail about anything and everything in this world exists. And to get the most relevant answer from the database, users utilize the search engine search box. Now because the database is huge and complicated, there are some time saving and smart Google search tricks that makes googling better.

1. Filter Results by Specific Site

Suppose, there are 10 shops in line. But, you know the one that will have everything that you want. Clearly, there is no point of hopping from one shop to another and better enter the one that has everything of concern.

Similarly, when you wish to have the results from only one website, using the “site” operator is your option. Enter “Site: example.com query phrase/keywords”.

Filter Results by Specific Site

2. Look out for Similar Content

Sometimes, the content on a website is not enough and you wish to look out for the similar content on other websites. Instead of trying hard, use the “related” operator to optimize the search. Enter “Related: Website Link”.

Look out for Similar Content

3. Search for Exact Phrase on Web

You once came across a very good article and it had a catchy headline. You want to reach that random article again but all that you remember is the catchy headline. In that case, what you can do is enter the headline text within double quotes and possibility is you will get the article.

Search for Exact Phrase on Web

4. Perform Search via Words

There are some obvious words that you know will exist in text of the content. To get all the web pages that have those specified words in it, use the operator “allintext”. Use the search text box and type “allintext: words”

Perform Search via Words

5. Search for Words in the Title

Titles are the most important part of any web content. There are google search hacks that enable the users to filter their search results through certain words in the title. If those words don’t exist in the title, the search results won’t be enlisted. For this, type “allintitle: words”.

Search for Words in the Title

6. Search with Multiple Phrases

Uncertainty is a part of human life. And most of the time we cannot conclude to what exactly could render the right result. For example, some might call it a grill sandwich while some a veggie sandwich. The best recipe for the sandwich could exist with any of the keywords. Try out the luck by entering any of the keywords, separating with the OR clause.

Search with Multiple Phrases

7. Search for a Specific File Type

Sometimes, the content you are looking for exists in a certain file. It could be uploaded as a PDF, DOCX, Excel or any other file type. In such cases, the search results can be filtered out through the operator “filetype”. It can be used as “filetype: PDF cybercrime investigation”.

Search for a Specific File Type

Ready for an Intelligent Search on Google?

Searching and finding the expected results on Google is indeed a bit difficult job. However, if you are handy with some tricks, this job can be simplified and improved results can be availed. Try them out and let us know how they optimized your search queries for the better.

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