Best Alternatives of WhatsApp You can Use

WhatsApp came up with a number of updates in the recent past that made this popular messenger share a love-and-hate relationship with its users. While some updates like end-to-end encryption, audio-/video calling, WhatsApp for desktop, documents sharing made the users fall in love with it, others like user data sharing with Facebook and Status feature in WhatsApp made this relationship a bit complicated.

While some of the users worldwide still stick to WhatsApp, there are many who wants to switch to a better messaging app. Considering this, here we are with some of the finest alternatives of WhatsApp that are worth the use.


If you want security assembled in a simple interface, Wire is definitely your type of messaging app. It’s an open source messaging app that secures the text, voice, video, and media content through end-to-end encryption. With Wire, conversations on multiple devices and platforms is possible, without any compromises with security.

Alongside this, there are other amazing features in this messenger like audio/video calling, timed (self-destructing messages), attach documents, share pictures/videos/GIFS, create sketches, record and send audios, share location, preview messages, and much more. For access privacy, the app also enables adding Touch ID and Passcode (optional).

Also, the app can be used on multiple devices at a time and the data gets synced timely. So far, Wire is one of the best alternatives of WhatsApp, in terms of features, security, and ease at usability.

Available On: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows Phone, Web, Linux

Wire Messenger


Thanks to the amazing features of Telegram, this open-source messaging app is considered as the best contender of WhatsApp. Talking about the security, the messenger enable users to protect conversation with end-to-end encryption when using the Secret Chat. Also, there is two-step verification for both desktop and mobile applications and an optional passcode adding feature.

Also, what makes this personal messaging app stand as a firm competition to WhatsApp is a set of unique features like adding up to 5000 members in a group, editing message after sending, mentioning people in a group, built-in photo editor, built-in browser etc.

What makes Telegram even more powerful is its ability to be used on multiple platforms at once. However, one compromise that you have to do with Telegram is saying no to audio/video calling. If this is not an important feature for you in a messenger, then Telegram can surely replace WhatsApp in your device.

Available On: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows Phone, Web, Linux

Telegram Messenger


Google Allo

Allo by Google is although a new entrant into the personal messaging industry, but it has surely made an impact with its unique and creative set of features. Without a doubt, the best of Allo is the Google Assistant that allows fetching information from Google, without leaving the app.

Other set of features that make Allo an alternative of WhatsApp are the end-to-end chat encryption, stickers, smart replies, incognito chats, self-destructing messages, sharing photos/videos/location and much more.

Surely, Allo is one of the lively messengers available nowadays. However, the absence of audio/video calling option itself manifests the fact that it needs a little improvement. Also, one cannot backup the chat history as well (which is a facility available in WhatsApp through Google Drive).

Available On: Android, iOS

Google Allo

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Which One is Your Favorite WhatsApp Alternative?

Messaging apps are a great business these days and every another day, one may get introduced with a new messenger in the Apple Store or Play Store. Every personal messaging app has a uniqueness. However, WhatsApp being into the existence from a long time is surely a prime choice made by the users worldwide.

Other apps like Signal, Hike, imo are also available as an alternative to WhatsApp. Try them out and let us know which one has turned out to be your favorite WhatsApp alternative.

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