Tips to Avoid Post-Lunch Sleepiness At Work

For most of the people, the hardest task at work is to keep themselves active after having lunch. There is a natural lull in the spirit, activating the yawn and a will to find secluded corner for a quick nap.

However, we can’t do this because it’s the time to continue with the projects you were actively engaged in the pre-lunch timings. And for that, it is important to keep drowsiness at bay. So, here we are with some tips that can help you out to avoid the sleepiness post-lunch and stay active at work.

a. Limit Sugar and Fat Intake

It is a good idea to avoid having food, which is high on fat or sugar. They lead to an energy crash, which ultimately gives you an onset of sleep. While sugar is a source of instant energy, it wears off after a while and thus you start feeling tired. Therefore, it is a good idea to go for fresh fruits if anytime you have craving for something sweet.

Tip to avoid drowsiness at work1

b. Say no to Late Night Sleep

It is one of the obvious reasons for afternoon drowsiness. If you don’t take enough sleep at night, it is likely to feel sleepiness in after-noon. It is important that you take a sleep of at least 6 hours to feel fresh next morning. A good sleep helps to collect energy that lasts throughout the day.

c. Overeating is a NO! NO!

When at work, try to add small meals at regular time intervals. If you take a heavy meal, it will take time to digest, ultimately making you feel tired. Also, if you keep eating in short intervals, it will help to maintain the sugar level as well.

Tip to avoid drowsiness at work2

d. Go for Iron Rich Diet

Iron, proteins, and carbohydrates rich diet should be a part of your lunch. Iron helps to body to produce hemoglobin, which makes it easy for the body to carry oxygen and ultimately increase the energy levels. Also, carbohydrates are a healthy source for glucose to keep you high in energy.

e. Hydration is the Key

Our body needs ample amount of water for a lot of tasks, which includes maintaining the energy levels. Therefore, it is a recommended to keep yourself hydrated when at work by drinking water in small time intervals.

f. Take a Walk

After 15-30 minutes of having the lunch, make it a point to take a walk for digestion of food. This will boost the metabolism. You can climb the stairs or move out to take a walk.

Quick tip to avoid drowsiness at work3

g. Don’t Wait for Caffeine

It is advised not to wait too long for tea or coffee break. Most often, people tend to take a break after hours of having their lunch. If you feel the need, have it after half-an- hour of the lunch.

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Stay Active with these Easy-to-Adopt Tips at Work

To stay ahead, it is important to win over the feebleness at work. With a good diet and habits, it is easy to say good-bye to post-lunch drowsiness. Try them out if you too feel sleepy after lunch and share with us your experiences in the comments below.

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