7 Superfoods that Help to Fight Flu Naturally

Flu, also known as influenza is a kind of respiratory tract infection, which is caused by viruses. Its symptoms are self-diagnosable and may range from fever to fatigue to headache. It is quite common during the rainy seasons or when there is an instant change in the weather.

Generally, people with low immunity are easily caught by the viruses. Therefore, in spite of taking endless pills to cure it, the better idea is to adopt some natural remedies to keep the immune system strong. Here are some superfoods that can help to build up immunity naturally.

Fluids Nourish the System

It is good to have plenty of Luke warm water, juices, soups, watery broths etc. They will help to flush out the toxins from the body in the most efficient manner. Also, make it a point that you avoid diuretic drinks, which eliminates the essential fluid from body like tea, caffeine, alcohol, or the carbonated beverages.


Vitamin C Boosts Immunity

Food rich in Vitamin C is known to prevent and treat cold as it helps to improve the immune system. This vitamin can be sourced through fruits and vegetables such as oranges, sweet lime, pineapple, strawberries, cabbage, sweet potato, broccoli, red peppers etc.

vitamin c

Garlic can do Wonders

Garlic is known to fight the bacteria and virus efficiently. It is studied and found that those including raw garlic in their diet have T-lymphocytes and macrophages in their blood, which enhances the immunity in human body. It is recommended to include 3-4 raw garlic cloves in diet daily.


Ginger is a Sword against Flu

Ginger has got a natural plant compound, which is known as gingerol. It helps to fight against the infections and flu. Direct ginger intake is possible through varied mediums like tea, ginger juice with honey etc.


Honey is a Sweet Treat

Honey is a rich resource of anti-oxidants and is known to be the best for treating the sore throat and other bacterial infections. For improving the digestion power, honey is identified to support growth of good bacteria in intestine. Honey can be included in daily routine in varied ways. For example: As a substitute of sugar or adding it in Luke warn water.


Zinc will Keep you High

Food rich in zinc are recognized to improve the immunity levels. You can find them in grains like bajra, wheat bran, jowar, peanuts, spinach, watermelon seeds etc.

spinach salad


Radish Relaxes Throat

If you have sore throat, raw radish juice can do wonders for you. It will help to thin down the mucous which relaxes the sore throat, generally associated with flu.



Ready to Fight Against Flu?

Food is the ultimate source of prevention against disease. Including the right food in diet can help the body fight against various infections, including flu. Adopt these superfoods shared above in your diet and you will notice a magical change in the body to fight against flu and other infections that attack your body very often.

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