7 Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul Sister

You don’t remember the first meeting with them; it was accidental. You don’t remember the first talk that you had with them; it was natural. But then, every moment with them was a memory worth remembering. That is how the relationship between the BFFs evolve.

There is a special bond that friends share. However, it gets a little distinctive when shared by girl-friends. Those loud laughs, shopping thrills, outrageous insults, and protective love go beyond the limits and ultimately the two just can’t do without each other. A relationship with no blood connection becomes inseparable and that’s the beauty of it. Considering this quaint bond of love, here we are with the reasons that make the friendship between the two special and valuable.

She is your Secret Keeper

Your secrets are worth keeping and other’s secrets are too good to keep for her. She will keep your dirty mind undercover, will keep your crush an unpublished story, and burry your lies underground.

However, she will reveal all the secrets to you that she has been trusted for. Yeah, she will turn out to be a gossip monger for you, anytime.

She is your Relationship Counselor

She is the first one to know who you are dating. She is the one to say ‘NO’ when she finds you with a jerk. She is there to make it work out and she is there, when it’s not. They actually foresee the unusualness before you do.

She Understands your Mood

The language of respect, punctuation in text, and the emoji’s are enough for her to understand your mood. To her, you don’t need to update mood of the day.

She is your Partner in Crime

Friends can never let each other do wrong things alone. She is always there to support you with evil ideas and will always have an equal taste of the consequence.

Your Likes are Her Likes

Both of you generally share the same taste when it comes to food, people, partying. There are nicknames to discuss people secretly, there is a sign language to pass on the thoughts in public, and there is a hate for the same people.

She is your Fashion Police

She is your ultimate shopping partner, your closet designer, and your fashion police. The first person to compliment you when you dress like a fashionista and the first one to correct you when you have gone all wrong is her.

You can be the Real You with Her

She has confronted all your absurdity, she has seen your anger, and she knows that you are mad as hell, but still her love for you is unconditional. You can just open your heart in her front because she is the one who is never going to judge you.

A True Friend is Indeed a Blessing!

She has a direct connection with your mind and soul. She is your support in your ups and downs. She has an immense confidence in you when rest of the world hasn’t. She is your best friend forever, she is you most valuable possession. That’s how this beautiful relation is meant to be.

Share with us in the comments below the fun, madness, love, and care that you share with your BFF.

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