The Secret Behind Soaking Almonds Overnight in Water

Almonds are one of the versatile options found in kitchen. Apart from their much appreciated nutritional value for the human body, they compliment savory and sweet dishes quite well.

We all know that almonds are the best source of good proteins and fats. They also have minerals (iron, calcium, and phosphorus), vitamins, and carbohydrates. They are called the brain food and nerve tonic because of presence of Thiamine B1. Almonds are one of the finest superfoods available to us as they are free from toxins, uric acid, fiber, and urea.

However, there is always a fact about almonds consumption that is a matter of discussion and it’s if almonds should be eaten raw or they should be soaked in water before having them. Very often, it is recommended to soak the almonds overnight as it helps to unleash the nutrients of this nut in the most effective manner.

almond is not a nut

Soaked Almonds are better than Dry Almonds: Why?

Soaked almonds are easy to digest and there are a number of reasons behind it:

  1. When soaked in water, almonds swell up, which makes them less dense.
  2. Almonds have a protective compound on the skin, called the enzyme inhibitors (like tannic acid), which are known to slow down the digestion.
  3. When almonds are soaked in water, you can notice water turning into amber color. This indicates leaching of enzyme inhibitor.

Benefits of Eating soaked Almonds Empty Stomach

  1. Maintains Good Cardiac Health

Almonds are a great source of antioxidant agents that are known to ward off oxidation of LDL cholesterol. This property of peeled almonds keeps the heart and entire cardiovascular system safe against ill-effects and oxidative stress. Therefore, it is recommended to have almonds in daily routine to keep the cardiovascular system healthy.

  1. Helpful in Weight Loss Process

People who swear by the low calorie diet, especially those trying to lose weight must include almonds in their diet plan. Not only does it improve digestion and control cravings, but also lower down the metabolic syndrome, which is considered as one of the major causes of obesity.

  1. Ample Nutrition for Pregnant Women

It is important for an expecting mother to include diet rich in folic acid as it helps in brain and neurological development of the fetus. Soaked almonds are a great source of this vitamin. Moreover, when the skin is peeled off, they are easy to digest, letting the pregnant women easily avail the nutrition of almonds when her digestive system is already sluggish.

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Soaked Almond’s Nutrition Value is High

Although, there is no hard and fast rule that one has to consume only soaked almonds. Consuming raw almonds also gives a nutritional value, which is good for health but soaking them overnight and peeling their skin makes it easy to release the nutrition. And the fact is, there is almost zero effort in soaking the almonds. Just take a bowl filled with water and keep the almonds in them overnight. Have them empty stomach in the morning and notice the magic that they do to your body, for the good.



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