5 Things You Need To Do Differently At Work For A Winning Impact

That colleague sitting next to you joined at the same time as you, have the position as you, but gets more appreciation for work and appraisal than you. And you keep on wondering why?

It is quite annoying at times when you know that your efforts and results are effective but not the credit. And very often, to conclude the situation, the luck factor is blamed to be unfair at your end.

Well, that’s true to an extent, but not completely. There is a popular saying that “Successful people do not do different things. They do the things differently. ” Although, cracking the secret behind one’s success is a difficult job, but let’s find out how little things done differently that at work can let you win.

EXAMPLE 1:  “I will find out” Over “I don’t know”

When a question is asked by your boss and you seem to have no idea about it, instead of replying “I don’t know”, say “I will find out”. This will get you more respect and will never give the other person an opportunity to question your know-how on the matter. Even if you don’t know, don’t let it show off and work out to find a solution for sure.

EXAMPLE 2: “Understanding” Over “Assumption”

When you say “I assumed…”, this gives an impression that you jumped to a conclusion, which was based up on insufficient evidences. In this case, you are not likely to be forgiven, if in case your information about a scenario was incomplete or wrong. On the other hand, starting with the phrase “My Understanding was…” the other end could be kinder to you, considering that you just misunderstood something.

EXAMPLE 3: “Solution” Over “No Solution”

Definitely, your boss is always piled up with a number of problems. Whenever you report a problem to him/her, make sure that you include a solution to the problem as well. This way, your alert mind towards the problem and the efforts to solve it would be appreciated. However, if you are unsure about the solution, ask for directions on how to solve it.

EXAMPLE 4: “Thanks for the help” Over “I know it all”  

Considering that you are on the top of your game is probably the worst thing that one can do at work. At times when you don’t know something, accepting it will give you more credibility. There is no one higher or lower in position to learn new things. Be hungry for all the good that can let you become a better professional.

EXAMPLE 5: “Why” Over “How”

The best way to explain why something is done is to elaborate how it has to be done. This creates a picture, which is easy to visualize as why things are being done, rather than just following the need to do it.

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What’s your Strategy at Work?

The difference between right and wrong lies between how something is interpreted. The above examples shows how a little change in words can change one’s impression towards others in a professional space. Try to adopt these little things and slowly, steadily, you will surely notice the change for the good happening.

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