5 YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe for Cooking Tutorials

Food, while it is a basic necessity for survival, how you cook it is a way to say a lot about your lifestyle, mood, habits, and health. Cooking food is an art that reaches heart. But the point is, how to learn the finest delicacies around the world (especially India) that could let you win the hearts and appreciation.

There is no right time to start learning. So, even if you are a beginner to cooking or willing to explore more about it, these are the YouTube channels you should subscribe. They are super-active, brings the most creative ways of cooking in budget, and with the ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen. So, let’s get started and check 5 of the finest YouTube channels for cooking tutorials.

Hebbar’s Kitchen

If your heart fall out for hard core vegetarian, Indian dishes, this is the place you should be. From appetizer to salads to main-course to desserts, you can find them all. This channel has categorized the video tutorials by the food type so that the viewers can easily find recipes for snacks, sweets, Indian curry, dal, chutney, breakfast, soup, sandwiches, and a lot more.

The best part about Hebbar’s Kitchen is their videos, which are short yet descriptive. While you can follow the instructions shared in the video, some of the details like measurement, tips, ingredients amount etc. can be found in the link, shared along the video. The average time of the video is less 2 minutes, but still they are complete and a delight to watch.

hebbar's kitchen

Language: The videos have a music in the background. However, the instructions in the videos and on the website are in English language.

Official Website: Hebbar’s Kitchen

Mobile Apps: Android, iOS

Subscribe for: Simple and popular Indian recipes with ingredients available easily in the kitchen.

Nisha Madulika

Nisha Madulika is the YouTube star and recognized as the finest online chef. A subtle homemaker has taken the passion of cooking to different level, which is now helping millions of people worldwide enjoy veg Indian cuisines.

You just have to name the dish and possibly you can find its recipe on the channel. With over 1000+ recipes available, you may find variety in the form breads, sweets, masalas, curries, namkeen snacks, and much more. An average video is of 10 minutes on this channel and the beauty is, they are descriptive. For any details, you can click on the link shared on the right, which will take you to the website. There is a new recipe updated on the channel very often and are super easy too.

nisha madhulika

Language: The videos are shared in Hindi language. However, for assistance, every sentence is translated in English through captions. Also, all instruction and step-by-step procedure for a recipe are shared in English language on the official website.

Official Website: Nisha Madhulika

Subscribe for: Anything that can be cooked and served in day to day life or major festivities can be found on this wonderful channel. You can expect to learn any kind of paratha making; this much variety! If you are a beginner, this is the right place to get started.

Get Curried

If restaurant style cooking with ingredients from around the corner is your choice, then subscribe to Get Curried without further ado. This channel brings the best of recipes with an unconventional twist. You can get yourself introduced with some amazing cooking techniques, cheat methods, secret ingredients, and a lot more. The foods shows are produced by different chefs and all of them have a certain forte.

The channel is quite active and you can find some amazing videos shared every week. The channel brings some international recipes to you that can be cooked in the kitchen. The chefs will also help you out with some good plating tips.

get curried

Language: All HD videos reach the visitors in English language. The details of the recipes can be found in the video description.

Official Website: Only YouTube Channel

Subscribe for: If you are a vegetarian, eggetarian, or non-vegetarian, this is the channel for you. From variety all across the world, you may find some very interesting recipes, ingredients, and amazing tips to plate your food well.

Rajshri’s Food

If you like to give your daily food a twist, this is where you can learn HOW. At Rajshri’s Food channel, you can find variety of online chefs sharing their recipes and every one of them have a specialty in certain kind of food. Indo Chinese cuisine, chocolate recipes, South Indian variety, street food, curries, breads, baking tutorials, and much more is available on this single channel.

Not only does you get the guidelines for cooking but you may find some helpful tips for presentation as well. And as per preference, there is option to choose the favorite chef and check out the recipes shared by them.

rajshri food

Language: The tutorials are presented in English language and are quite elaborative. For more details about the ingredients, measurement, and method, the video description can be checked out.

Official Website: Rajshri’s Food

Subscribe for: Variety, which is not just Indian but is adopted from all across the world. If you wish to add a tadka to your dishes, looking out for some presentation tips, this channel is worth subscribing.

Saffola Fit Foodie

Ever wondered how versatile oats are? If not, then you need to subscribe the Saffola Fit Foodie’s YouTube channel. We all know that oats is one of the healthy options available to us but little did we know that it’s not just an option to be included in breakfast. There is a lot that can be done with oats and add more nutritional value to the food, without compromise with the taste.

Although it’s a commercial channel for Saffola Masala Oats but to our surprise, there are a number of healthy recipes shared by great Indian chefs like Kunal Kapur. The recipes include both veg and non-veg, which is Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian.

Saffola fit foodie

Language: The videos are presented in Hindi language. However, you can find assistance in the form of recipe details shared in the videos description in English language..

Official Website: Saffola Fit Foodie

Subscribe for: Healthy recipes that includes usage of oats. If health and taste is what you want to balance out, this is the channel you should subscribe to.

Which is your Favorite YouTube Channel to Learn Cooking?

To master the art of cooking, it is important to know the ingredients well, balance the spices, and understand the technique used for cooking. When you learn through videos, it is much easier to grasp the concept and have a real time experience. Check out these YouTube channels shared above and tell us how your experience has been learning through them. If there are any of your favorites, do share with us in the comments below.

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