How to Add Bubble and Screen Effects to iOS 10 iMessage

With iOS 10, Apple has made its built-in messaging service (iMessage) quite expressive. Alongside adding text, emojis, digital touch and handwritten messages, conveying the feelings is super easy with iMessage. With the bubble and screen effects added to iOS 10, the iPhone, iPad, and Mac users can speak their mind and share their reactions. So, without ado, let’s check out how to use the bubble and screen effects on iMessage.

Bubble Effects in iMessage

There are four types of bubble effects that can be added to the message on iOS 10. They are:

Slam: The message strikes violently to the screen and gets back to its place.

Loud: The message zoom out and shakes a little before getting back to its place.

Gentle: The message size gets small and gets back to normal as it meekly settles to its place.

Invisible Ink: The message bubble will be covered in an animated noise and would be blur until you swipe it out of the way.

Adding Bubble Effects to Message

1. Type the message that you want to send. Firmly tap the Send button or long press it.

type message to send

2. There you are with the four bubble effects. Tap on the circles corresponding to each effect and you will get a preview of the effect on the message.

bubble effect

Screen Effects in iMessage

This option allows you to animate your full-screen. These are the effects that can be created on screen:

baloons and confetti effect

love and lasers effect

fireworks, lasers, celebrations effect

Adding Screen Effects to Message

1. Type the message in the textbox and firmly tap the Send button.

type message to send

2. Under the Send with effect segment, there would be two tabs: Bubble and Screen. Tap Screen. As you keep swiping left or right to get other effects. When you get the desired screen effect, tap on the Send icon. And you are done.

screen effect

The bubble and screen effects are retained in the message. The receiver will have a Replay button alongside the message that will help them to play the effect again.



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