How to Create Digital Touch and Handwritten Message in iOS 10

The Apple iOS 10 came up with surprising stock of features, which made the functionality of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad highly effective. Apple provides a default instant-messaging app to iOS users, which is named iMessage. This app is liked and utilized by millions of users worldwide and thus Apple leaves no stone unturned in updating and improving it periodically.

With iOS 10, iMessage has got embedded with a number of interesting features like bubble and screen effects, adding stickers and app, creating conversation groups etc. While this built-in iOS messaging app is updated in a number of ways, herein, we will talk about the Digital Touch and how to use it.

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How to Send a Sketch in iMessage

How to Send Handwritten Messages in iOS 10

How to Send Heartbeat, Heartbreak, Kiss, and More

How to Send Handwritten Message in iOS 10

How to Keep Digital Messages Forever

So, what exactly are these digital touch messages? To make the communication better, Digital Touch enables the users to send hand-drawn sketch, sensor-read heartbeats, or the haptic taps. Let’s find out how to get started with these amazing features.

How to Send a Sketch in iMessage

1. Open the iMessage App. Create a new message and tap on Digital Touch button. If you have already started typing, this option will be hidden and you will see a Show more button (which looks like >). Tap “>” to expand the options.

create new message

2. Tap on the round swatch on the left-hand side and you will see different colors to create the sketch.

tap swatch

3. If you touch and hold any of the swatches, you will see custom color palette.

color pallete

4. Now, draw the sketch in the middle area. To make the canvas large, tap on the upward arrow. Tap the Send button to send the sketch.

create sketch and send

How to Send Handwritten Message in iOS 10

Part 1: How to Turn On Handwriting on iphone

To get started with this feature, it is important that the portrait orientation is on, i.e. the device screen should rotate. For this, follow the steps shared below:

1. Swipe up from the bottom of home screen. This will get you to the Control Center.

control center

2. In the top row, you will see an arrow around the padlock. If it is orange in color, it means the portrait orientation lock is ON and if it has no color, it means the portrait orientation lock is OFF. You have to ensure that it is OFF. Once done with this, you can get started with handwritten messages in iOS 10.

portrait orientation lock enable disable

Part 2: Create Handwritten Message in iPhone

1. Open the iMessage app and create a new message. Now, rotate the iPhone in landscape mode. This will open the handwriting canvas.

writing canvas

2. Type the text and tap Done.

handwritte message

3. You can also add some text to the handwritten message and then tap the Send button.

handwritten message with text

Digital Touch Send Heartbeat, Heartbreak, Kiss, and More

heartbeat and heartbreak in iMessage

kiss and tap in imessage

Adding Sketch/Digital Touch to Photo or Video in iPhone

1. Create a message in the iMessage app. Add a contact to which the message has to be sent. Tap the Digital Touch button.

create new message

2. On the bottom-left of the screen, tap the Camera button.

camera button

3. On the bottom-right of the screen, tap the Camera icon to shift between the selfie and rear camera mode.

switch between front and rear camera

4. Use the white Camera Shutter if you wish to take a photo or use the red Video Shutter if you wish to record a video of up to 10 seconds.

sketch and touch effect on photo-video


  • When you are capturing a photo, you can add sketch to it before or after clicking.
  • The digital touch message (heart, kisses, heart-breaks) can be added after clicking the photo.
  • When capturing a video, the sketch can be added before or during the video is created.
  • The digital message can be added to the video during its creation.

How to Keep Digital Messages Forever

The digital touch messages are saved only for two minutes on the device. If you want to save/keep the digital messages or do not want them to disappear, then follow the steps shared below:

1. Tap Settings and then tap Messages.

settings for messages in iphone

2. Under the Audio Messages section, tap on Expire. Here, choose Never instead of After 2 minutes. And you can now keep all digital messages.

keep touch messages forever

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Unable to Send Handwritten or Digital Touch Messages?

If you cannot send digital touch or handwritten message, then you might be doing some silly mistakes. For example:

  • iMessage and SMS/MMS are two different things. And only iMessage supports these creative conversation modes. Ensure that iMessage is enabled in the Settings or you are connected to proper Wi-Fi/Cellular data network.
  • For handwritten messages, ensure that portrait orientation lock of disable so that you can rotate the screen well. The process for keep the phone orientation on is shared in the guide above.


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