Emoji and Tapback in iOS 10 iMessage

If there is one element that the messaging world can’t go without, it would definitely be the emojis. Those cute, little smileys that let us express our mood and mind. With iOS 10, Apple has brushed up the emojis for its iMessage in a number of ways, which includes addition of some amazing emojis, playing around with their sizes, and much more. Lets figure out what’s new in the iMessage emojis and what’s the quick reply option called Tapback.

Enhancing or Reducing the Size of Emoji

In iOS 10, the emoji’s will be 3X larger when up to 3 emojis are used. That means if you enter one, two, or three emojis, their size would be larger.

On the other end, if your question is how to make emojis smaller on iOS 10, then add the fourth emoji and the size of emoji will reduce. This means if there are four or more emojis, they will be small in size. Also, if you are adding emojis with text, their size will be small.

emoji size

Emoji Suggestion in iMessage

Emojis are the ideograms. They come in various genres like facial expressions, animals, vegetables, signs, objects etc. So, if you want to change your text, corresponding to any object, expression, or fruit into an emoji, then you can use the iOS 10 emoji prediction feature.

Let’s say you created a message, which says: “I love to have apple every morning”. To emojify this message, tap the message and then tap the emoji button on the keyboard.


The words in the message that have corresponding emojis available will turn out orange in color.

text that can be converted to an emoji

Tap on the orange color words one by one and the message will be emojified.

convert text to emoji imessage ios 10

 Tapback in Messages

Tapback is the solution to give quick replies with expressions like heart, thumbs up, question mark, exclamation etc. To reply to a message using tapback, follow the steps shared below:

Open the conversation and then double-tap on the message to which you wish to respond. Select the tapback option and you are done.

tapback in imessage

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What’s your Favorite Part about iOS 10 Emojis?

Emojis are everyone’s favorite. Apple has not only added a bunch of interesting emojis to iMessage with iOS 10 but have also made their functionality quite creative. To make the entire communication system improved, there are some other amazing features added to iMessage for iOS 10 like digital touch and handwritten messages, adding apps and stickers, bubble and screen effect etc. Try them out. You will love them for sure.

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